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Streamlined PR Reporting

Instantly turn multiple press hits to a beautiful report with the click of a button

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Business Snapshot

A birds-eye view of what’s working, where clients are being mentioned, and where you should be pitching more often


Pre-Designed Templates

Choose from pre-made report templates or use the Custom Reports Builder, complete with drag and drop functionality and Designbold integration!


Add Press

View a list of suggested press hits we’ve tracked keywords and domains or upload your own PDFs, JPEGs, or MP4s.


Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team by giving them access to manage specific reports


Built-in Sharing Options

Print or export any report as a PDF or CSV so you can share with your team or clients with ease


Automated Report Creation

Take the pain out of detailed report creation by letting CoveredPress automatically create them for you with a click of a button

Book a demo

Do you have questions about pricing or want a custom demo? We’d love to help.

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