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Detailed Analytics

Quantify your worth and show your clients the details that matter (Why you’re worth every penny)


Showcase Your PR Campaigns

Calculate your Ad Value Equivalency so you can measure and share the benefits of your PR campaigns with clients


Establish A Strong Reputation

Demonstrate your value to both existing clients and potential clients so you can grow your business and establish yourself as a leader in PR


Show (Don’t Tell) Client Progress

Enable client dashboards so they can see what you see and understand the progress you’re making for their business


Provide Powerful Analytics

Display impactful analytics such as AVE, impressions, lifetime views, social shares, domain authority, etc. …or hide them.


Your Efforts, Magnified

Beautiful reporting allows clients to see all the press you’ve secured for them during a specific campaign or time frame.


Prove Your Worth, and Then Some

We are the ONLY reporting software that provides data-backed* Ad Value Equivalency metrics, showing your clients just how valuable the press you secure for them is.

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