Top Media Outlets You Should Know About

Top Media Outlets You Should Know About

Choosing the right media outlets to promote your stories and grow a business’ presence is an essential part of the PR and marketing mix. A media outlet is a broadcasting channel that delivers news, stories, and other information to the public via different channels such as social media, magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, the Internet, and more. It’s a source of connection that allows a business or brand to stay connected to the world and engage with its target audience. 


When deciding which media outlets to use, there are a number of factors to consider. For example, is there a certain niche that the outlet is centred around? Does it encourage diversity, art and culture, and does it look for balance? Are there certain restrictions for sharing your story or other information on the media outlet?


In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the top media outlets that you should be aware of for your PR and marketing strategy. You’ll find a free downloadable list of more than 3,800 journalist contact details at the end that will hopefully help you with your next PR campaign. 

The media outlets that matter

It’s only natural that you want your story and brand to be included in top-ranked media outlets with a lot of traffic and followers. Let’s see which media outlets are considered dominant in the U.S.


Top U.S. Newspapers 

  • USA Today

With seven million readers daily and more than 21 million downloads on mobile devices, USA Today is certainly an outlet that receives a lot of attention. It covers news and stories on sports, entertainment, finance, technology, and more.


  • The Wall Street Journal

In terms of paid circulation, The Wall Street Journal is the USA’s largest newspaper, with a base of 2.2 million subscribers. It covers topics such as arts, culture, lifestyle, real estate, sports, personal health, and business & finance.


  • Newsday

Long Island and NYC’s top news source, Newsday includes information, opinions, and news about business, sports, travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and more. The outlet is open to receiving tips and content ideas via WhatsApp, email, SecureDrop, phone, and mail. 


  • Los Angeles Times 

With a readership of nearly 1.5 million along with 2.5 million on Sunday, Los Angeles Times is the country’s biggest metropolitan daily newspaper. It covers topics like politics, science, sports, travel, lifestyle, food, housing, and more. 


  • The New York Times

The New York Times is well-known for its global presence and uncompromising coverage. With a range of Pulitzer prizes, it’s on the top of reach when it comes to U.S. opinion readers. It covers news and stories from science, politics, sports, tech, and world news. With more than 5 million news subscribers, it’s a stable media outlet leader.


  • Chicago Tribune

Part of the Chicago Tribune Media Group, Chicago Tribune is perceived as an industry leader in journalism. With a daily circulation of nearly half a million, the newspaper covers nearly everything, from horoscopes to job opportunities, politics, and sports news. 


  • Star Tribune

Although Star Tribune is Minnesota’s favourite newspaper for news, features, photos, and videos, it’s also popular in different parts of the country. Star Tribune has a daily circulation of 250,000 and covers topics like housing, science, national and world news, pets, merchandise, estate sales, and more.


  • The Washington Post

The Washington Post is particularly famous for delivering some of the highest-quality news on politics, policies, personalities, and institutions. It’s a media outlet that acknowledges the importance of personalization and offers it to readers and users across all levels and channels. The Washington Post recorded 82.5 million unique online visitors in February 2021, showing its massive relevance for PR experts.


  • New York Post

The New York Post is another popular go-to newspaper for breaking news, sports, business, politics, entertainment, real estate, culture, fashion, and others.


  • Boston Globe

New England’s favourite newspaper, Boston Globe offers interesting stories and news on investigations, sports, lifestyle, arts, entertainment, education, business & tech, and more. 

Top U.S. Magazines

  1. AARP Magazine

The AARP Magazine is targeted at individuals aged 50+ by providing useful information and stories for living a fulfilling life. With around 35 million readers, AARP Magazine offers content on retirement, social security, travel, work, family caregiving, health, and more.


  • AARP Bulletin

Members of the AARP Bulletin receive timely insights and updates on different topics, including family, opinion, healthy lifestyle, medicare & Medicaid, planning, and more. The media outlet has an audience of around 23 million and is targeted at individuals aged 50-years-old and higher.


  • Costco Connection

Costco Connection covers a wide range of topics and is mailed to executive members who pay a fee of $120 yearly to be part of Costco’s club subscription. It offers combined information on both what’s new at Costco, but also other lifestyle topics that resonate well with readers. 


  • Better Homes and Gardens 

Better Homes and Gardens offers a range of topics centred around decorating ideas and DIY projects for the home. It also delivers readers a range of food recipes, gardening information, home improvement ideas, cleaning and organizing tips, gardening guidance, and more. 


  • Game Informer Magazine

With over 7.5 million monthly paid subscribers, Game Informer Magazine is the world’s largest and leading video game publications. It’s available to readers in print and online version and provides news, previews, game reviews, podcasts, and more. 


  • Good Housekeeping

This is the place to go for organizing tips, home decor ideas, food recipes and ideas, and a range of other lifestyle hacks for healthy living. 


  • People Magazine

People Magazine has a total circulation of more than 3.5 million and provides readers with hot news on celebrities and their lifestyle. The media outlet offers a number of stories from the entertainment space.


  • Women’s Day

Women’s day is predominantly targeted at females aged between 25 and 55 and has a readership of more than 1.6 million. The magazine covers topics like health and fitness, style, sex and relationships, lifestyle, food, and more. 


  • National Geographic

National Geographic targets individuals aged between 30 and 50, with interests in space, history, technology, nature, psychology, and more. 


  • Time

Time offers breaking news and analysis, world news, photos and videos, tech updates and reviews, health information, science and entertainments stories and news, and more. 

Top U.S. Outlets on Social

  • CNN

CNN is a globally recognized media outlet with reliable information on world and US politics, business, health, entertainment, tech, style, travel, sports, videos, and more. There are 4,000 journalists that cover stories from around the world and the media outlet is open to story suggestions. 


  • MTV

MTV targets the younger generation, with most active users and readers being between the ages of 13 and 35. It’s the go-to place for teens and young adults for entertainment and shows, music, videos, and more. 


  • ESPN

Offering timely sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for the NFL, MLB, NBA and more, ESPN is one of the most popular places to go to for sports fans and enthusiasts. 


  • FOX News Channel

FOX news covers merely anything, from business, science, and tech to health, TV, and lifestyle. The multinational conservative cable news television attracts a lot of users and readers in its digital space, where updates, news, and stories are shared. 


  • Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel is a popular media outlet for those interested in science, technology, nature, and other topics. 


  • ABC News 

Readers interested in breaking news, exclusive interviews, headlines, and videos are most likely familiar with ABC News. ABC News informs 167 million Americans across all touchpoints on a monthly basis. 


  • HuffPost

An American news aggregator and blog, HuffPost is focused on politics, news, entertainment, life, communities, and other topics. It generates more than 3 billion monthly content views and successfully encourages readers to make purchase decisions. 


  • Food Network

Targeted at users interested in food, the Food Network provides a range of content around chefs, recipes, and healthy eating advice. 



Covering areas like fashion news, beauty, celebrity style, fashion week updates, and culture reviews, VOGUE has more than 112 million unique digital users, nearly 25 million print readership and more than 118 million social followers. 


  • BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed offers vital journalism, quizzes, videos, celebrity news, food videos and recipes, DIY tips and hacks, and a range of other content topics. 


If you’re interested in discovering more media outlets that may be useful for your PR and marketing efforts, you can download our free list of more than 3,800 journalist contact details. Being at the right place at the right time is of essential importance for the growth of your brand and its discoverability and reach. Hopefully, identifying the right media outlets will help you reach your target audience and get your message across.


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Metrics are an essential component of any organization’s PR or digital marketing efforts. They are [...]

Idaho is the 14th largest and the 13th least populous of the all U.S. states. [...]

A PR report is an essential part of any company’s efforts to increase brand awareness [...]

Top Media Outlets You Should Know About Choosing the right media outlets to promote your [...]

Public relations and social media   In the highly digital age that we live in [...]

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Metrics are an essential component of any organization’s PR or digital marketing efforts. They are [...]

Idaho is the 14th largest and the 13th least populous of the all U.S. states. [...]

A PR report is an essential part of any company’s efforts to increase brand awareness [...]

Top Media Outlets You Should Know About Choosing the right media outlets to promote your [...]

Public relations and social media   In the highly digital age that we live in [...]

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