Top 10 Daily Arkansas Newspapers by Circulation

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Arkansas is a peculiar state for sure. For a start, if you’re out of state, you’re probably not pronouncing its name right. Arkansas’ magnificent mountains, vast forest regions and smaller urban communities will leave you in awe and offer you a more peaceful lifestyle closer to nature.

On the other hand, sports are not a selling point for the state who has no professional sports teams and scores very poorly in the health department with widespread obesity, smoking, and sedentary lifestyle among its residents.

Everybody knows some weird facts about Arkansas and its people, and while some are true, most is just unverified folklore from old times that have passed.

There is certainly a charm to Arkansas, but if you’re coming here to do business, you better get to know the local press. There is no shortage of printed and online newspapers with more than a dozen daily publications, and more than hundreds of periodicals.The majority are owned by several large media companies WEHCO Media, Gannett, and the Paxon Media Group.

Below, we’ve outlined the 10 most popular and read newspapers in Arkansas.

  1. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

    arkansas online

    • Serves: all Arkansas
    • Publishes on: Sunday print, Daily digital
    • Print circulation: 192,212 Daily; 284,494 Sunday (2008)
    • Monthly web visits: 1.87M
    • Founded in: 1819
    • Current owner: WEHCO Media, Inc.
    • Managing Editor: Eliza Hussman Gaines

    The Democrat-Gazette is by far the biggest newspaper in Arkansas and the oldest along the Mississippi first published 17 years before the state was officially recognized.

    The newspaper as you see it today is actually the merger of two newspapers the Democrat and the Arkansas Gazette. After fiercely battling to dominate the Arkansas news industry for 13 years, the Hussman family ultimately prevailed and pushed the Democrat ahead of the former leader. The Gannett corporation, which owned the Arkansas Gazette threw the towel and sold the newspaper to its opponent in 1991.

    Today, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette exists in both a printed form produced in Little Rock, and online at, where you can find 24/7 updates on all major news and topics.

    In 2019, the paper successfully completed a digital conversion of it’s daily newspaper, providing its subscribers with new iPads and setting them up to receive an electronic version. Issues Monday through Saturday stopped printing, leaving Sunday the only physically printed edition.

  2. Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

    arkansas nwa online

    • Serves: Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas
    • Publishes on: Daily
    • Print circulation: 17,807
    • Monthly web visits: 469.20K
    • Founded in: 1860
    • Current owner: Northwest Arkansas Newspapers
    • Editor: Rusty Turner

    Northwest Arkansas Newspapers is a joint venture between WEHCO Media Inc. and Stephens Media, who consolidated all of their Northwest Arkansas newspapers, including the following:

    • Northwest Arkansas Times
    • Benton County Record
    • Springdale Morning News
    • Rogers Morning News

    The resulting newspaper was named Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and printed in Lowell by WEHCO for distribution in Washington and Benton counties. You’ll also find it online at, where close to one million people visit every month to read local news and information about their community.

  3. Arkansas Times

    arkansas times

    • Serves: all Arkansas
    • Publishes on: Monthly
    • Print circulation: <25,000 (estimate)
    • Monthly web visits: 432.08K
    • Founded in: 1974
    • Current owner: Arkansas Times Limited Partnership
    • Editor: Lindsay Millar

    When the Arkansas Gazette merged into the Democrat, it left a huge void for liberal views and opinions. With the Democrat, as well as it’s Northwestern counterpart leaning heavily to the right, Arkansas Times saw an opportunity to fill the gap left in the press industry.

    For example, in 2018, the paper stood against anti-BDS laws and is currently suing the University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College, after it terminated its contract in relation to the publication’s stance on Israel.

    The newspaper publishes online at

  4. Texarkana Gazette

    arkansas texarkana gazatte

    • Serves: Four State Area, Arkansas, Texas
    • Publishes on: Daily
    • Print circulation: 25,000
    • Monthly web visits: 410.06K
    • Founded in: 1875
    • Current owner: WEHCO Media Inc.
    • Editor: Les Minor

    Texarkana Gazette is unique in that it’s split between the states of Texas and Arkansas. The paper issues some 25,000 copies daily to residents in more than 15 counties Miller, Little River, Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Sevier, Pike and Columbia counties in Arkansas, as well as Bowie, Red River, Morris, Marion, Titus, and Cass counties in Texas. There is also some distribution in Oklahoma and Louisiana.

    In 2010, the newspaper received the General Excellence award from the Arkansas Press Association, competing against the largest media companies in the state.

    An online version can be accessed through

  5. Southwest Times Record

    arkansas sw times

    • Serves: Fort Smith, Arkansas
    • Publishes on: Daily
    • Print circulation: 38,412 Daily, 43,461 Sunday (2015)
    • Monthly web visits: 139.27K
    • Founded in: 1884
    • Current owner: Gannett
    • Editor: John Lovett

    Southwest Times Record serves the second largest city in Arkansas Fort Smith along with more than 10 communities in western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. Some 300,000 residents rely on the Times Record for daily news and sports, entertainment, lifestyle and editorial content.

    An Internet edition is published at

  6. The Sentinel-Record

    arkansas sentinel record

    • Serves: Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas
    • Publishes on: Daily
    • Print circulation: 10,000-25,000 (estimate)
    • Monthly web visits: 120.83K
    • Founded in: 1874
    • Current owner: WEHCO Media Inc.
    • Editor: Mark Gregory

    Apart from another classified advertising publication, Hot Springs only has one newspaper The Sentinel-Record. The paper serves the daily needs of more than 35,000 residents of the Spa City, as well as nearly 100,000 citizens of Garland County.

    You can also find The Sentinel-Record online at

  7. Log Cabin Democrat

    arkansas log cabin democrat

    • Serves: Conway, Faulkner County, Arkansas
    • Publishes on: Daily
    • Print circulation: <10,000 (estimate)
    • Monthly web visits: 114.30K
    • Founded in: 1879
    • Current owner: Paxton Media Group
    • Editor:

    The Log Cabin publishes issues Tuesday to Sunday and serves as the news and information hub for more than 110,000 citizens of Faulkner County. Way early in 1997, the Log Cabin unveiled it’s digital publication at

  8. Baxter Bulletin

    arkansas baxter bulletine

    • Serves: Mountain Home, Baxter County, Arkansas
    • Publishes on: Daily
    • Print circulation: 8,878 (2013)
    • Monthly web visits: 71.43K
    • Founded in: 1901
    • Current owner: Gannett
    • News Director: Sonny Elliott

    The Baxter County has been served by the Bulletin since 1901, establishing itself as the main news source for the region. The publication also maintains a general interest magazine called Living Well Magazine dedicated to the communities in the Ozark Mountain Region.

    You can find a digital version published at and updated every day of the week.

  9. Jonesboro Sun

      • Serves: Jonesboro, Arkansas
      • Publishes on: Daily, except saturday
      • Print circulation:10,000 (estimate)
      • Monthly web visits: 67.98K
      • Founded in: 1901
      • Current owner: Paxton Media Group
      • Editor: Chris Wessel Chris Wessel

    Jonesboro Sun serves more than 80,000 citizens of Jonesboro and seven counties throughout Arkansas. The newspaper was founded and operated by theTroutt family for more than 100 years, before selling to the Paxton Media Group.

    An online version is accessible at

  10. Pine Bluff Commercial

    arkansas pine bluff commercial

    • Serves: Pine Bluff, Arkansas
    • Publishes on: Daily
    • Print circulation: <10,000 (estimate)
    • Monthly web visits: 50K
    • Founded in: 1881
    • Current owner: WEHCO Media Inc.
    • Managing Editor: Byron Tate

    Pine Bluff Commercial is the daily newspaper of Pine Bluff and Jefferson County, serving nearly 80,000 people.

    In 2019, the owner at the time, Gannett shut down the printing press in Pine Bluff and outsourced production of the Commercial elsewhere. In 2020, the newspaper was bought out by WEHCO Media Inc and the process to digitalize it, following the model of Arkansas Democrat-Gazette began.

    Today, the Pine Bluff Commercial lives as part of the Democrat-Gazette and can be found at

More Newspapers in Arkansas

If you’re looking for more printed publications in Arkansas, don’t look further than the Arkansas Press Association. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of newspaper members of the APA.

Daily Newspapers in Arkansas

  1. Batesville Daily Guard
  2. The Saline Courier
  3. Northwest Arkansas Democrat- Gazette
  4. Camden News
  5. Log Cabin Democrat
  6. El Dorado News-Times
  7. Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  8. Times-Herald
  9. Times Record
  10. Harrison Daily Times
  11. The Sentinel-Record
  12. The Sun
  13. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  14. Banner-News
  15. Malvern Daily Record
  16. The Baxter Bulletin
  17. Paragould Daily Press
  18. Pine Bluff Commercial
  19. Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  20. The Courier
  21. The Daily Citizen
  22. Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  23. Texarkana Gazette

Weekly and Semi-Weekly Newspapers in Arkansas

  1. Courier-News
  2. The Leader
  3. The Herald-Leader
  4. Press Argus-Courier
  5. Evening Times
  6. The Standard
  7. Arkadelphia Dispatch
  8. The Beebe News
  9. The Weekly Vista
  10. Carroll County News Midweek
  11. Carroll County News Weekend
  12. Booneville Democrat
  13. Monroe County Herald
  14. The Leader
  15. White River Current
  16. Charleston Express
  17. Villager Journal
  18. Johnson County Graphic
  19. Van Buren County Democrat
  20. Clay County Courier
  21. Ashley County News Observer
  22. Yell County Record
  23. Post Dispatch
  24. De Queen Bee
  25. DeWitt Era-Enterprise
  26. Dumas Clarion
  27. England Democrat
  28. Eudora Enterprise
  29. Lake Area Weekly
  30. Washington County Enterprise-Leader
  31. The Mountaineer Echo
  32. Fordyce News-Advocate
  33. Glenwood Herald
  34. Westside Eagle Observer
  35. Ashley County Ledger
  36. South Arkansas Sun
  37. Spring River Chronicle
  38. Grand Prairie Herald
  39. The Sun Times
  40. The Helena World
  41. Pacesetting Times
  42. Hot Springs Village Voice
  43. Madison County Record
  44. Newton County Times
  45. Chicot County Spectator
  46. Arkansas Business
  47. The Daily Record
  48. The Citizen
  49. Courier-Index
  50. Marshall Mountain Wave
  51. Woodruff County Monitor-Leader-Advocate
  52. McGehee-Dermott Times-News
  53. The Melbourne Times
  54. The Mena Star
  55. Advance Monticellonian
  56. Conway County Petit Jean Country Headlight
  57. Montgomery County News
  58. Stone County Leader
  59. Murfreesboro Diamond
  60. Nashville News-Leader
  61. The Newport Independent
  62. Osceola Times
  63. Ozark Spectator
  64. Paris Express
  65. Pea Ridge Times
  66. Perry County Petit Jean Country Headlight
  67. Clay County Times Democrat
  68. Pocahontas Star Herald
  69. Cleveland County Herald
  70. The News
  71. Sheridan Headlight
  72. Lafayette County Press
  73. Lincoln American
  74. Lincoln Ledger
  75. Poinsett County Democrat Tribune
  76. Waldron News
  77. The Times Dispatch
  78. Eagle Democrat
  79. Wynne Progress
  80. Lovely County Citizen

Monthly Newspapers in Arkansas

  1. The Arkansas Times
  2. The Atkins Chronicle

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Metrics are an essential component of any organization’s PR or digital marketing efforts. They are [...]

Idaho is the 14th largest and the 13th least populous of the all U.S. states. [...]

A PR report is an essential part of any company’s efforts to increase brand awareness [...]

Top Media Outlets You Should Know About Choosing the right media outlets to promote your [...]

Public relations and social media   In the highly digital age that we live in [...]

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