Covered Press vs CoverageBook

Covered Press Coverage Book
Media Monitoring N/A
Social Media Listening N/A
Integration with Canva N/A
White Labeled Portal for Clients (with full customization) N/A
Live Chat for ALL users N/A
Competitor Analysis N/A
10+ Reporting Templates 1 Reporting Template
Press Screenshots (Clippings with most ads removed) Press Screenshots (Clippings)
Solo (Up to 100 clips + 350 hits)
1 domain + 2 keywords tracked
Bronze (Less than 100 clips)
Agency ( Up to 250 clips + 1000 hits)
1 domain + 4 keywords tracked
Silver ( Over 100 clips)
Agency + (1000 clips + 5000 hits)
1 domain + 6 keywords tracked
Gold (1,000 clips)

As a PR specialist, your day is already busy enough. You’re working on your pitches, you’re emailing journalists, you’re researching new ways to get your client in the media and you’re doing your best to anticipate upcoming opportunities and get yourself ready to grab any chance that comes by.

At the same time, your client expects to see timely reports of your activity in order to justify your fee. So you have to spend precious time to gather media clippings, take screenshots, calculate views, impressions, social media engagement and other metrics that prove you’re doing useful work and delivering results.

PR reporting is essential, however, it’s also repetitive, time-consuming and frankly often a bit dull. Thankfully, in recent years we saw a number of PR Reporting software products rise to address the growing demand for automation in the industry.

Most of them are offering similar features and promises of streamlining your processes and saving you hours upon hours every week. But which one to choose?

In this article, we’ll compare Covered Press and CoverageBook. We’ll look at the features, pricing and look at some of the reviews to see which product comes out on top in a variety of aspects.

Let’s get started with a brief overview of both platforms.

What is Covered Press?


Covered Press is a PR reporting and media monitoring platform. It combines several different functions that used to require different standalone applications into a single integrated suite that is easy to use and boosts your productivity.

Covered Press automates the majority of tracking and analytics of your PR efforts and helps you generate beautiful reports for your clients quickly and easily. You can organize, review and reuse your files and campaigns as necessary, saving even more time to focus on getting hits and achieving your clients goals.

Covered Press is one of the newly launched PR reporting platforms, but it’s quickly becoming a top competitor in the niche.

What is CoverageBook?


CoverageBook is a PR reporting software that helps you build great-looking reports and share them with your client.

CoverageBook works on any device and streamlines report generation, automatically pulling screenshots and metrics for the URLs you import. It saves you a tone of time, which you can invest into useful work for your client, rather than copying and pasting information, taking screenshots and formatting documents.

CoverageBook has been on the market since 2014. It’s got fewer features, but the ones it has are immensely helpful and receive a lot of positive feedback.


Covered Press Features:

Media Monitoring


Starting off, Covered Press will become your dedicated media monitoring tool. Add your client’s domain and preferred keywords and the software will continuously scan the Internet for links and mentions.

The press hits will accumulate in a dedicated dashboard, where you can view, manage and import them to your PR report.

Social Media Monitoring

social media monitoring

In addition to the press, Covered Press will also monitor Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and look for brand mentions, and keep an eye on your existing posts. You can check out your highest performing posts, analyze your audience and gain insight into creating more engaging content, and sparking new conversations.

The comprehensive dashboard can be filtered by client, social media, taggs, date, etc.. You can add the best ones to your PR report with a single click and show your client how well they’re doing.

Streamlined PR Reporting


This is where Covered Press really brings it all together. The system will generate PR reports with just a couple of clicks, adding selected press hits or external URLs into one of our marvelous pre-designed templates, or a custom one you fashioned yourself. You can connect to Canva and import a header image, or upload a custom one designed elsewhere.

All your stats will update automatically for each press hit, along with a fresh snapshot of the live URL:

  • Monthly visits
  • Social shares
  • Press lifetime view
  • Ad Value equivalency
  • Total coverage
  • Domain authority
  • Impression

Of course, everything in the report is editable, so you or your team can fine tune it to perfection. It’s so easy to create and share reports with Covered Press, you’ll never want to go back to the old days. When you’re done, you can share it with the client or export with a single click.

The report will be saved in your database to reuse later or track your PR performance.

Detailed PR Analytics

Last but not least, Covered Press gives you a really comprehensive dashboard for each of your clients that displays critical information about your PR performance, including:

  • Total Press Secured, Social Shares and Impressions across all your clients
  • Estimated Press Lifetime Hits
  • Estimated Ad Value Equivalency
  • Top Publications
  • Press Hits Chart

You can enable this dashboard for each of your clients, so they can monitor your efforts and results in real time.

CoverageBook Features:


CoverageBook only does one thing PR reporting but it’s more than adequate at it. In fact, it’s quite similar to how Covered Press works.

When you go into the dashboard, you can start a new “Book” (another name for PR report). If you’re adding online sources, you can simply paste a list of your URLs and CoverageBook will automatically pull the screenshots, and metrics and put it all in a neat template.

This works for online articles, blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts, Soundcloud, Vimeo and pretty much any other popular platform.

Your PR report will automatically update the stats, including:

  • Pieces of coverage
  • Online readership
  • Estimated coverage views
  • YouTube views
  • New customers
  • Links from coverage
  • Average domain authority

You can also add clippings and stats from offline sources, like print newspapers and magazines, although that’s a bit more labor intensive.

Of course, the template of each report is fully editable and customizable. You can view, edit or share any report, from any device and collaborate with your team from all parts of the world. The reports will be collected in your dashboard along with key performance stats for reuse or analysis later down the road.


Both Covered Press and CoverageBook have a 14-day free trial to test and evaluate the software.

From there on, there are different pricing plans depending on the size of your team, how many clients you have and what’s the scope of work you’re putting out each month.

Covered Press Plans and Prices

SOLO $195 / Month

  • Unlimited Reports
  • Up to 5 Clients
  • 1 User and 1 Report Template
  • Track 1 domain and 2 keywords per client
  • Track up to 350 Press Hits 
  • Deep Analytics on up to 100 press hits

AGENCY $395 / Month

  • Unlimited Reports, Clients and Templates
  • Up to 5 users in your team
  • Track 1 domain and 4 keywords per client
  • Track up to 1000 Press Hits
  • Deep Analytics on up to 250 press hits

AGENCY PLUS $995 / Month

  • Unlimited Reports, Clients and Templates
  • Up to 15 users in your team
  • Track 1 domain and 6 keywords per client
  • Track up to 5000 Press Hits
  • Deep Analytics on up to 1000 press hits

CoverageBook Plans and Prices

Bronze $99/month

  • Unlimited Books, Clients/Brands
  • Up to 5 users in your team

Recommended for PR teams who add less than 100 clips/month* across their brands or clients.

Silver $199/month

  • Unlimited Books, Clients/Brands and Users
  • Priority Support

Recommended for PR teams who add more than 100 clips/month* across their brands or clients.

Gold $499/month

  • Everything in Silver plus…
  • Personal, dedicated, 1 hour training session for your team

Recommended for larger PR teams who add more than 1,000 clips/month* across their brands or clients.

Clips per month is calculated on an average monthly basis. The software will continue to work even if you exceed your monthly limit, but CoverageBook will contact you to discuss your plans and whether you need an upgrade.

Switching From Coveragebook to Covered Press

If you are considering switching from Coveragebook to Covered Press, we will handle the migration of all your reports for free! We will make the transition seamless so you can continue focusing on earning more press for your clients! Please inquire with us for more details about what is needed in order to transfer all data to Covered Press!

The Takeaways

Covered Press is a true on-in-all PR monitoring, reporting and management tool. It’s invaluable for high-pace PR agencies that can’t waste their time and brainpower on tasks that don’t contribute to better performance.

Since it’s a new software on the market, there are some features that are still being developed and perfected. You may encounter a bug here and there, but the team works tirelessly to improve the software and does so with great strides.

CoverageBook is well rounded in what it does. If you only need to do PR reporting, it can be a great addition for your team. It’s not nearly as comprehensive as Covered Press, however, it’s priced accordingly to its functionality.

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Metrics are an essential component of any organization’s PR or digital marketing efforts. They are [...]

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