PR Analytics

What PR Analytics Should Publicists Use? The world of PR is extremely diverse, creative, rich in ideas, and full of stories. The main objective of PR efforts is to establish and maintain trust, direct consumers towards a certain brand, and create new relationships that drive revenue to clients in the long run. In order to …

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florida miami herald

Top 10 Newspapers In Florida

Ah the sunshine state. Florida is the third most populous state and the fourth largest economy in the United States. Florida is famous for its endless beaches, Hispanic, Latin American and Caribbean communities and retirees, who choose to live out their golden years under the glistening sun. Miami is one of the biggest tourist destinations …

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arkansas online

Top 10 Arkansas Newspapers

Arkansas is a peculiar state for sure. For a start, if you’re out of state, you’re probably not pronouncing its name right. Arkansas’ magnificent mountains, vast forest regions and smaller urban communities will leave you in awe and offer you a more peaceful lifestyle closer to nature. On the other hand, sports are not a …

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colorado denver post

Top 10 Colorado Newspapers

Colorado is home to expansive natural wonders – rocky mountains, vast forests, sand dunes, waterfalls and crystal clear lakes and rivers. If you love outdoors and extreme sports, there aren’t many better places to be than Colorado. The state is also known for the Four Corners Monument, Pikes Peak, the Supermax prison facility, holding some …

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delaware online

Top 15 Delaware Newspapers

Cuddled between Maryland and New Jersey is Delaware – the second smallest state in the USA, measuring just 96 miles in length and 35 miles across at its widest point. That said, it’s the sixth most densely populated state in America, housing nearly 900,000 people on just 1,954 square miles. Delaware is known for becoming …

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AZ Central

Top 12 Arizona Newspapers

The majority of readers have inevitably moved on from newspapers to digital news outlets – websites, social media, live streaming, etc. However, traditional print media in Arizona is still kicking with no fewer than 85 individual running newspapers. Even though printing factories have slowly shrank and consolidated to 10 major printers, more than half a …

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Writing a Press Release

Press Release Writing Guide – How To Get More Media Coverage Press releases are one of the essential tools for PR and marketing specialists, helping them seize control over the conversation and create their own news. It doesn’t matter if your client is a well known tech giant, with flocks of journalists waiting at the …

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Top 10 Alabama Newspapers

Looking for traditional media advertising opportunities in Alabama? In recent years, newspaper readership has declined in favour of online sources. Regardless, hundreds of thousands of Alabama citizens continue to rely on newspapers as a significant source of news and information. In order to reach them, you must capture the eye of the state’s most popular …

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Covered Press vs CoverageBook

Covered Press Coverage Book Media Monitoring N/A Social Media Listening N/A Integration with Canva N/A White Labeled Portal for Clients (with full customization) N/A Live Chat for ALL users N/A Competitor Analysis N/A 10+ Reporting Templates 1 Reporting Template Press Screenshots (Clippings with most ads removed) Press Screenshots (Clippings) Solo (Up to 100 clips + …

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