Top 10 Daily Alaska Newspapers by Circulation

Top 10 Alaska Newspapers

Looking for traditional media advertising opportunities in Alaska? Other states might be phasing out traditional printed media in favor of the Internet. Here is snow-covered Alaska, the newspaper is still highly valued, especially in the rural areas, where access to electricity or the web is scarce to say the least.

Here are the top newspapers of Alaska.

  1. Anchorage Daily News

    • Serves: Anchorage, Alaska and surrounding areas
    • Publishes: Daily
    • Circulation: 50,000-100,000
    • Founded in: 1946
    • Current owner: Binkley Co.
    • Editor: David Hulen

    Anchorage Daily News is Alaska’s most popular newspaper and also news website. The paper publishes daily, covering the latest news on business, jobs, sports, entertainment, and classifieds.

    It is the only newspaper in Alaska to earn a Pulitzer prize and has done so three times in 1976, 1989 and most recently in 2020, sharing the prize with ProPublica for their work on the “Lawless” series, revealing the lack of law enforcement and criminal prosecution in rural Alaska.

    You can find the Anchorage Daily News only at

  2. Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

    • Serves: Fairbanks, Fairbanks North Star Borough, Denali Borough, Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska
    • Publishes: Daily
    • Circulation: 10,000-25,000
    • Founded in: 1903
    • Current owner: Helen E. Snedden Foundation
    • Managing Editor: Rod Boyce

    The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner is a holder of many records. It’s the farthest northern daily newspaper in the World, the oldest newspaper in continuous operation in Alaska and the second most read (by circulation) in the state.

    A caricature of “Sourdough Jack” adorns every front page, commenting on popular topics among the locals.

    You can find an online version of the newspaper at

  3. Juneau Empire

    • Serves: Juneau, Alaska
    • Publishes: 5 times a week
    • Circulation: <10,000
    • Founded in: 1912
    • Current owner: Sound Publications
    • Editor:

    Juneau the capital city of Alaska is unique. It’s the only capital city not connected by any roads to its states or the rest of America. It’s also larger by area than the state of Delaware and used to be the largest city in the country.

    The Juneau Empire serves this bustling water city every day except Monday and Saturday, bringing news, sports, classifieds and other content to over 30,000 residents. Juneau Empire is also the home for the Capital City Weekly the largest community paper Southeast Alaska.

    The Juneau Empire is accessible through

  4. Ketchikan Daily News

    • Serves: Ketchikan, Alaska
    • Publishes: Daily
    • Circulation: 3,000
    • Founded in: 1934
    • Current owner: Pioneer Printing Co. Inc.
    • News team:

    The Ketchikan Daily News serves Alaska’s first established city and the southernmost areas of the state. The newspaper publishes daily, but changes throughout the week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday editions feature sections on Local, Alaska, Opinion, Sports, Entertainment, Nation and World. Wednesday editions feature another B section usually titled Education. Weekend editions replace that with the Waterfront section and add the Sunday Comics and Local Scene sections that covered upcoming events and performances.

    The Ketchikan Daily News can be found online at

  5. Kodiak Daily Mirror

    • Serves: Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska
    • Publishes: Monday through Friday
    • Circulation: 1,000
    • Founded in: 1940
    • Current owner: Helen E. Snedden Foundation
    • Editor: Douglas Long

    The Kodiak Daily Mirror is one of the smaller newspapers in this list, but it covers one of the nation’s most bustling fishing ports, the largest US Coast Guard Base, the Kodiak Archipelago and its nine surrounding communities.

    It’s currently owned by the Helen E. Snedden Foundation, along with the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

    Visit the Kodiak Daily Mirror on

  6. Daily Sitka Sentinel

    • Serves: Sitka, Alaska
    • Publishes: Weekdays
    • Circulation: 3,000
    • Founded in: 1939
    • Current owner: Thad and Sandy Poulson, Verstovia Corp.
    • Editor: Thad Poulson
    • City Editor: Sandy Poulson

    The Daily Sitka Sentinel is a family-owned newspaper that publishes every weekday, except holidays. It’s one of the few independent newspapers in the state, but continues to soldier through tough times with widespread support by local residents.

    View the online version at

  7. Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman

    • Serves: Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Alaska
    • Publishes: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
    • Circulation: 9,400
    • Founded in: 1947
    • Current owner: Wick Communications
    • Editor: Jeremiah Bartz

    The Frontiersman serves nearly 90,000 residents in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. It publishes three times a week with a healthy circulation of nearly 9,500 units. An interesting fact is, the former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin was a sports reporter for the Frontiersman before delving into politics.

    Visit the Frontiersman at

  8. Peninsula Clarion

    • Serves: Kenai, Alaska
    • Publishes: Daily
    • Circulation: 1,000
    • Founded in: 1970
    • Current owner: Sound Publications
    • Editor: Erin Thompson

    The Peninsula Clarion wraps up all daily newspapers in Alaska. The publication covers the majority of the Kenai Peninsula, serving daily news, sports, entertainment and outdoors recreation articles to more than 7,000 local residents.

    Read the Peninsula Clarion online at

  9. Petroleum News

    Alaska’s big on oil and the Petroleum News is the only standalone publication in the industry in the entire state. A weekly newspaper breaks down all the oil and gas news in Alaska and the Arctic regions as they develop. The company even issues email alerts on news as they happen

    Several special annual magazines, like the Arctic Oil & Gas Directory, The Explorers, and The Producers, detail Alaskan oil for the entire nation and the world.

    If you’re in the oil and gas industry in Alaska and Northern Canada, Petroleum News is the authoritative media on all matters.

    Visit the website on

  10. The Bristol Bay Times & The Dutch Harbor Fisherman

    • Serves: Bristol Bay communities of Dillingham, King Salmon, Naknek, and surrounding villages; Aleutians and Pribilofs communities
    • Publishes: Weekly
    • Circulation: 1,000
    • Founded in: 1980
    • Current owner: Anchorage Daily News
    • Editor: Carey Restino

    The Bristol Bay Times and Dutch Harbor Fisherman serve a multitude of communities on the Alaskan islands around the Bering Sea and the Bristol Bay specifically.

    These two newspapers used to be published by Alaska Newspapers, Inc one of the largest Alaskan newspaper networks with 6 publications under its belt. After a sale to Jason Evans and Kiana Peacock in 2011, the two newspapers were merged into a single publication, which continues to run today under ownership of Anchorage Daily News

Other newspapers in Alaska

We’ve covered every single daily newspaper that publishes in Alaska. However, the state is still home to a multitude of publications that print once per week or even per month.

A complete list of currently published newspapers in Alaska is available below.

Daily newspapers

  • Anchorage Daily News, Anchorage
  • Daily Sitka Sentinel, Sitka
  • Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Fairbanks
  • Juneau Empire, Juneau
  • Ketchikan Daily News, Ketchikan
  • Kodiak Daily Mirror, Kodiak
  • Peninsula Clarion, Kenai

Weekly newspapers

  • Alaska Journal of Commerce, Anchorage
  • Alaska Star, Eagle River and Chugiak
  • Anchorage Press, Anchorage
  • Arctic Sounder, Northwest Arctic Borough and North Slope Borough
  • Bristol Bay Times, Bristol Bay
  • Capital City Weekly, Juneau
  • Chilkat Valley News, Haines
  • Cordova Times, Cordova
  • The Delta Discovery, Bethel
  • Delta Wind, Delta Junction
  • Dutch Harbor Fisherman, Aleutians / Pribilofs
  • Homer News, Homer
  • Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, Wasilla / Matanuska-Susitna Valley (tri-weekly)
  • The Nome Nugget, Nome
  • Petersburg Pilot, Petersburg
  • Petroleum News, Anchorage
  • Seward Journal, Seward
  • Seward Phoenix Log, Seward, Moose Pass
  • Tundra Drums, Bethel and Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta
  • The Valdez Star, Valdez
  • Wrangell Sentinel Wrangell

Monthly newspapers

  • “The Cordova Cogitator” Cordova, Alaska (monthly)
  • The Ester Republic, Ester (monthly)
  • The Skagway News, Skagway (bimonthly)

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Metrics are an essential component of any organization’s PR or digital marketing efforts. They are [...]

Idaho is the 14th largest and the 13th least populous of the all U.S. states. [...]

A PR report is an essential part of any company’s efforts to increase brand awareness [...]

Top Media Outlets You Should Know About Choosing the right media outlets to promote your [...]

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