The Most Effective Way
To Connect Journalists
And Publicists.

Journalists: Earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars
per month in supplemental income, while gaining full
control of the pitches and press releases you receive
from publicists.

Publicists: Know exactly what stories and publications
a journalist is working on, connect to top journalists,
pitch them, and live chat to secure press.

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What’s in it for you ?
I’m a Journalist
I’m a Publicist


The CP Media Stack allows publicists to pay a small fee to support and follow high quality journalists, to get up-to-date information on their work, outlets, and current story needs. In return, the journalist receives 60% of the revenue minus credit card and platform fees, providing regular updates and fast responses.

No. This is NOT a pay to play tool. The fee paid by publicists is for access to the communication platform we have built, which bypasses many of the problems faced when using standard methods, such as countless cold emails. We provide an effective means of streamlining publicists and journalists communication, but nothing beyond that.

Traditionally, publicists email hundreds of journalists with their client press releases, in the hope that one or two or maybe a few will pick up the story. And once they hit send, there’s no way to track what happened to their attempt to connect with a journalist. On the other side, journalists receive dozens, if not hundreds of emails each day from publicists, only a tiny percentage of which will be of interest. The CP Media Stack helps journalists by stripping out the irrelevant email blasts, and helps publicists by providing an ‘opted-in’ communication method for their selected journalists.

No. Publicists understand that their subscription fee is for the use of the technology behind the platform. Publicists currently pay several other platforms to get journalists emails, or to respond to source requests. Journalists understand that they are under no obligation to feature any clients or information provided by their subscribers.

We want to democratize the media connections that to date have favored large corporations and media organizations. As more and more journalists turn to freelancing, and more and more publicists struggle to create meaningful connections with relevant journalists, the CP Media Stack is a bridge that allows journalists to earn supplemental income (up to $7,500 per month), while allowing publicists to access needed information, such as current assignments a journalist is working on, current publication, insight into whether a pitch was read, and to connect with relative and active journalists.